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The Zero currency community is growing at a rapid pace. From a small community of hardcore supporters in 2017 to thousands of supporters entering 2018. This is just the beginning… Our plan is not to grow in silence, but to cherish all who want to support Zero. This page is dedicated to those who are along for the ride, the Zero supporters and contributors out there. We classify all who support Zero as a Hero. #ZeroToHero #ZeroHero #ZeroCommunity.

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Win some Zer - Contest are live!

Starting from today you are able to join in on our first round of contests. Our goal is to ignite all creative souls out there in order to help spread awareness of Zero Currency! See what you need to do in order to participate and win some sweet Zer!

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Thanks, Glory & Honor
To All Zero Supporters!

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Without our donators we would not be able to kickstart this process! To all community donators out there we can’t thank you enough!

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We are very gratefull for all contributons from the community. Zero thank you!

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